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People joke that they 'laughed so hard they peed their pants.' However, this is a real problem called stress incontinence—a symptom of pelvic floor dysfunction.

The pelvic floor is a complex group of muscles, fascia and connective tissues at the base of your spine that is crucial for bladder control, posture, sexual function, and the health of many vital organs. 

So what's the problem? Maybe you gave birth to two kids and never resumed your pre-kid exercise routine. Maybe you are 45 years old and haven't done a proper squat since you lifted weights with your buddies in college. For dozens of reasons, modern lifestyles lead to atrophy of the pelvic floor that can manifest overtime into very serious health issues.

On the flip side, a strong, toned pelvic floor will help your posture, sexual performance, spinal health, and bladder control. In yoga, you'll feel the difference in almost every pose, and in your everyday life, you'll notice changes throughout the day.

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll meet a kinesiologists who will help demystify this often overlooked region of the body.


Listen & Learn:

  • What the pelvic floor is and why it is important to both women and men
  • Why incontinence and prolapse are huge (and growing) problems
  • Why posture starts at the base of the spine
  • How to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor with daily, 10-minute exercises


Adrianne has a degree in kinesiology, with an emphasis on exercise science. She has certifications in Pilates, yoga, the Yoga Trapeze, Zenga, and Barre, among others, and specializes in spinal conditions, pelvic floor issues, and fascial tissue. She served as the fitness specialist at the NASA Langley Research Center and currently runs an eating disorder center in California.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Palm Oil

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