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A little girl named Charlotte was having as many as 300 seizures a week, some lasting as long as 30 minutes. Her body was frail, her health was suffering, and her parents were at their wits' end.

After every other medical intervention failed, the family tried a nonpsychoactive extract from marijuana called CBD and their lives were never the same again.

Charlotte's story was one of the first to capture people's imagination, from lawmakers to cannabis growers, and in the years since, has helped spawn an entire nutraceuticals industry around this powerful compound. On this week's show, we'll lay out the risks and rewards of self-administered CBD oil.

Listen & Learn:

  • Why most (but not all) CBD products contain little to no THC, meaning they will not get you high
  • How CBD impacts the receptors already present in your body
  • How CBD can reduce inflammation, including inflammation in your brain
  • How to make sure the product you're using is safe and healthful
  • The real legal and safety concerns surrounding CBD products

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Evan DeMarco is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, author, public speaker, and frequent guest on television and radio. As an entrepreneur, he is currently creating a functional medicine and nutritional supplements platform.

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  • Can You Supplement Everything

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