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“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

What in your inner world enables you to fully show up in the outer world? What is more important: What you have or how you feel?

On this week's podcast, you'll meet Susan David, PhD, who has dedicated her life to emotional health. She'll inform you how to ask yourself better questions, lean into pain (when necessary), and craft a truly fulfilling life based on your values.  

Listen & Learn:

  • Why our inner world often matters more than the outer world
  • How to uncover your individual ‘why’ and define your core values
  • Why ‘have-to’ goals are impossible, whereas value-based goals actually work
  • Why approach goals are powerful, but adverse goals are even stronger
  • Why ‘smile or die’ can actually cause you less joy and make it more difficult to find peace
  • How to show up and hold space for pain and suffering
  • What was worth my while today

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Dr. Susan David, co-founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, teaches psychology at Harvard University and is the CEO of Evidence Based Psychology. As a speaker and consultant, Susan has worked with senior leadership at hundreds of organizations, including the United Nations, Ernst & Young, and the World Economic Forum. Her work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Time, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, and she is the author of The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, the definitive text for researchers and practitioners interested in human happiness.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • How Many Supplement is Too Much

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