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That glass of red wine after dinner soon turns into two or three. On Friday and Saturday, two or three often turns into a bottle or two. After a decade or more of drinking, it’s not uncommon to clock in 30+ drinks per week. It creeps up slowly, so it can almost go unnoticed. But your body, mind, and spirit notice, and it has a real impact. On this week’s show, you’ll meet a very successful executive who didn’t start drinking until her late 20s but quickly found herself living a lifestyle that she didn’t want as her trajectory.

Alcohol abuse comes in all sizes and shapes, and most people who drink fit the Center for Disease Control’s definition of excessive drinking. What does that mean for you? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything is going just great. Or maybe it means that you should reevaluate your relationship with alcohol and make sure you’re writing a story you’d like to author.

Listen & Learn:

  • How 8 drinks per week (for women) and 15 drinks per week (for men) is classified as “excessive” by the CDC
  • How the mind-body connection plays a role in pain, addiction, and substance abuse
  • How alcohol is baked into adult life, professional life, and almost every culture on the planet
  • Simple ways to rethink your alcohol relationship

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Annie Grace grew up in a one-room log cabin without running water or electricity outside of Aspen, Colorado. By the age of 26, Annie was the youngest vice president in a multinational company, and her drinking career began in earnest. By 35, in a global C-level marketing role, she was responsible for marketing in 28 countries and drinking almost two bottles of wine a night. She left her executive role to write her book, This Naked Mind.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Cilantro

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