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“I’m not sure if you feel things the way I do,” she said. “I feel everything.” I was twenty-one, she was twenty-three. The window looked out at a brick wall in my Lower East Side apartment. “I have emotional needs, and you’re buried in your books and your work. You can see me.”

That was how it started on a Sunday afternoon. By Friday, I was helping her load CDs and tattered books into the trunk of a taxi. My first big breakup. Need to know more? Probably not. You’ve probably lived some version of this yourself, maybe more than once. 

The quality of our lives are very much defined by the quality of our relationships, and that person next to you in bed is the most important relationship of all. So how are you doing with that? Do you have a plan? Are you growing or just getting by? Like most of us, it’s probably a work in progress.

On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet relationship expert Maya Diamond shares her experiences from her field work. 


Listen and learn: 

  • How to determine and establish values and standards - and hold yourself to them
  • Why emotional responsiveness is crucial to a lasting partnership
  • Why men and women often express desires differently, but ultimately seek the same thing 
  • How to navigate online connections, text messages, and modern technologies in your love life 

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About Our Guest: 

Maya is a Dating and Relationship Coach. She is also a YogaTeacher and Massage Therapist. She has a great TEDx talk you can find online, she holds a Master's in Somatic Psychology. 

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  • Maca

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