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Millions of people experience traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year, and an estimated 5-6% of those people experience long-term issues. If you break your arm, the path to recovery is pretty obvious and the fix is visible. But if you get in a car accident, hit your head, and two months later suffer from brain fog and vertigo, what do you do? How do you fix your brain once it’s been damaged?

Fortunately, there are evolving methodologies that can really help. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a Functional Neurology specialist who focuses on helping people reverse chronic symptoms.

Listen & Learn

  • Why the blood-brain barrier is so important and the risk of damaging it.
  • How TBI and concussion can happen even without head impact
  • What symptoms of chronic concussion might look and feel like
  • Balancing self-care and health care

Resources & Links:

Titus Chiu’s Site


Dr. Titus Chiu is an author and speaker in the field of Functional Neurology who helps people struggling with Post-Concussion Syndrome and other chronic neurological conditions.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Why No Food Before Yoga

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