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There are 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States, and another four million on parole or probation. When you factor in families of inmates, prison employees, and infrastructure, we’re talking about billions of dollars annually and tens of millions of lives affected daily.

My guest on this week’s show is a violent crime offender and former inmate. When I first heard what he had done, my initial thought was, “Lock him up and don't let him out.” Probably, many of you will feel that way. But that’s not possible and it’s not a solution. Crime, and even violent crimes, are part of society. The only hope is that our correctional facilities are actually helping people reform.

On this week’s show:

  • Why many people have no access to mental health services
  • How drugs are smuggled into prison
  • Why most have no access to college education
  • Why the correctional system is not doing much in the way of correcting


Jesse Crosson was recently released from prison and is the founder of He’s in the process of (re)building his life and is doing advocacy work while pursuing advanced degrees to help people inside the system. 

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Spicy food

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