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Periodontal disease is correlated with just about every type of illness and disease. Sometimes it’s a canary in the coal mine for something wrong, but sometimes, it can even be the source of the problem. While many people dismiss dental care as only an aesthetic concern, straight, healthy teeth and a broad palate help with breathing, sleep and even digestion. My guest on this week’s podcast shares his academic and clinical experiences helping people improve their smiles as a means to improving their health. 

Listen and learn:

  • Why fluoride can be great for teeth, but should not be ingested
  • The benefits of hydroxyapatite as an alternative to fluoride
  • How the billions of microbes in your mouth play a crucial role in digestion
  • The benefits of xylitol in dental care products 


The Mouth Book


Dr Kami Hoss is on the board of counselors at UCLA School of Dentistry, and he is the Chairman of the Board, at Howard Healthcare Academy. He has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, NPR, and CBS. His book is called, If Your Mouth Could Talk.

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Stale Spices

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