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Bunions, hammertoes, and the wide array of foot ailments can be easy to hide inside shoes, but that doesn’t make them easy to live with. What might start as achy feet can quickly turn into a real health challenge with cascading effects if you’re unable to stay active doing the things you love. On this week’s podcast, you’ll meet a podiatrist that takes a holistic approach to foot health. 

Listen to Learn

  • Why bunions happen and what to do about them
  • When cosmetic vs. necessary surgeries make sense
  • Why type II diabetes nerve damage puts your feet (and legs!) at risk
  • Realistic recovery time if you need surgery 


Dr. Tea Nguyen’s Site


Dr. Tea Nguyen is a podiatrist in private practice. She is the founder of Pacific Podiatry in Freedom, CA, and takes a whole person, holistic approach to foot health and healing. 

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