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Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a heart-healthy diet, and most of us have heard of anti-cancer and other major disease-prevention diets. But what about eating foods to protect your brain? Neurodegenerative illnesses are the third biggest killer worldwide but we rarely focus on preventative care for the brain. My guest on this week’s podcast is a medical doctor and author whose work focuses on staving off and even preventing cognitive decline. 

Listen and learn:

  • How to choose foods that support a healthy brain
  • The benefits of neural protective fats
  • Why beans are often overlooked as a brain food
  • The complex dance between sleep, stress, exercises and diet


Dr. Annie’s Site


Annie is a board-certified Obstetrician Gynecologist. Her recent work focuses on brain health, in particular the neural protective ability of food. She is the author of Brain Health Kitchen.

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