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The average woman will spend one third of her life in menopause, and yet the public discourse and medical advice around this life stage is sorely lacking. Will hormone replacement therapy give you cancer? Will you be stuck on drugs for the rest of your life? Should you just wait it out and let nature run its course–or fight like mad against menopausal symptoms? On this week’s podcast, we meet a medical doctor committed to giving women more options, more agency, and a better quality of life during menopause and beyond.

Listen and learn:

  • Myth vs reality about cancer risk and HRT
  • When and how to start thinking about HRT, and when to come off it
  • The power of food and lifestyle interventions for hormonal balance
  • Whether horse urine vs. yam derived hormones matter?


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Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a Board Certified OB GYN and the creator of The Galveston Diet, a nutrition program designed for women in menopause. She is also the author of a new book, The Galveston Diet.

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