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Most people are much more concerned with the quality of their life than the quantity. We hope to stay healthy, lucid, mobile, and engaged until our final days. How exactly to increase your chances of a strong finish is hotly debated, but as a 102-year-old doctor, our guest on this week’s podcast has a unique authority on the subject.

Listen and learn:

  • Why you need to find purpose and meaning
  • The importance of love in the healing process
  • How the body heals itself
  • Why memories can provide a place of comfort and joy


Gladys’ Site


Dr. Gladys McGarey is a medical pioneer and visionary, internationally recognized as the mother of holistic medicine. She is co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and has held a family practice for more than sixty years. At 102, Dr. McGarey has a ten-year plan and an eye on a healthier and more joyful future for all

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