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I have a challenge for you. Take a pencil to paper and map out your past five years on a line graph with peaks being the great experiences and valleys being the lows. I’d be willing to guess you have a deep valley (or two!) every single year, but what about a peak? What about a moment or an experience that you’ll cherish as a memory for the rest of your life? Do you have one?

Most people who listen to the podcast value experiences over possessions, but are we doing enough to actively craft amazing moments in our lives? I’m not. I’d like to do better. Listen in on this week’s show to get ideas. 

Listen & Learn

  • Why it’s important to focus on your life resume, not just your work resume
  • How to create peak moments in life
  • Why natural + hard things can create magic
  • How to live life on your own terms
  • How to rethink your relationship with time 

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Jesse Itzler is the author of the books Living with a Seal and Living with the Monks, co-founder of Marquis Jet, and was involved in the Zico Coconut Water rise to success.  He's a former rapper on MTV and wrote and performed the NBA's Emmy Award-winning I Love This Game music campaign, as well as the popular New York Knicks anthem Go NY Go. He runs ultra-marathons and has a new venture called 29,029 where you summit a ski mountain again and again until you gain a total elevation equivalent to climbing Mount Everest.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Lemon Water in the Morning

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