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Most people believe that carbs give you energy, fat makes you fat, and protein builds muscles - but this is not how the body works. In fact, we metabolize macronutrients very differently - often counter-intuitively - and it's important to understand the hormonal impact of food as you attempt to find balance.

Too much protein can be just as problematic as too many carbs but how do you know how much is too much? What are some baseline measurements you can use in your own life? My guest on this week's podcast, Stephen Cabral, ND, will make this easy to understand.

Listen & Learn:

  • Risks, rewards, and reality of keto diets
  • Why protein is harder to digest
  • How 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight is usually ideal
  • Why too much protein creates too much IGF-1 that can feed cancer
  • Ectomorph/Vata: lean and long, difficulty building muscle
  • Endomorph/Kapha: higher body fat, often pear-shaped, gain muscle and fat easily
  • Mesomorph/Pitta: muscular and well-built, high metabolism, responsive muscle cells

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Stephen Cabral is a board-certified naturopathic doctor with post-doctoral specialties in Ayurvedic and functional medicine. He and his team have completed more than 250,000 client appointments. He is a podcaster himself at the Cabral Concept and is the author of The Rain Barrel Effect and A Man's Guide to Muscle and Strength.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Cabbage

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