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Porn Addiction Pandemic 

by Joshua Shea
The book, Fifty Shades of Grey, is not just a bestseller, it’s one of the top 100 best sellers in history - and it’s not because it’s well written (it’s not). 13% of all websites are adult sites, and 30% of all data transferred online is x-rated.

Everyone likes to complain about the “big tech” influence of Facebook and Twitter, but we deliberately avoid the tube-sites that are responsible for nearly a third of all online activity.

Porn addiction is shrouded in so much guilt and shame so people often lose their jobs and their relationships as a result. On this week’s podcast, we’ll look at this issue head one, and explore some possible solutions.

Listen and learn: 

  • How abstinence / prohibition is impossible 
  • How the complexity of human sexuality manifest
  • Why the shame and guilt around p addiction make it harder to address
  • The need for open and honest dialogue with addicts and non-addicts alike

Links & Resources

Joshua Shea’s site


Joshua Shea is an author and public speaker. As a recovering addict himself, he has a number of books you can find on Amazon or on his website.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • MK4 VS. MK7 K2

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