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Expensive watches have been a status symbol for centuries, but now, weird-looking bands have replaced the bingy Rolexes. Instead of signaling wealth, these new gizmos signal a keen interest and commitment to health. Welcome to the world of wearable health tech. On a basic level, you can track your daily steps and your heart rate. More advanced devices can track respiratory rate, HRV, body temperature, and even blood oxygen levels.

Wearable health tech has made huge strides forward recently, and many consumer devices can now hold their own with clinical-grade equipment. My guest on this week’s show is a quantified scientist who will help us learn to measure, track and improve our health. 


  • Best health tracker for under $100
  • Best health tracker if money is not an issue 
  • Best sleep tracking device
  • What we really know about the microbiome
  • Weekly brain MRI’s

Rob’s Website

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Rob ter Horst is a postdoctoral researcher who studies the immune system using bioinformatics which includes machine learning and statistics. Rob is neck deep in the quantified self movement. He measures and tracks everything in his life, a laborious task that demands 11 hours a week and includes a weekly brain MRI, sleep EEG and gut microbiome composition tests. ​ 

Nutritional Tip of the Week

  • Calorie Counting

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