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It’s hard enough to figure out what you really want to accomplish in a year, let alone in your lifetime, and once you do figure it out, how do you actually show up as the best version of yourself? Personal growth and development often feels like a smile-or-die race to accumulate accolades when most of us are not always smiling and are not even necessarily motivated by external validation. And yet, we continue to strive to become our peak selves. Our guest on this week’s podcast is a former bull rider and combat veteran who now works with high performers to help them reach their best. 

Listen and learn:

  • The importance of being “coachable” in order to succeed
  • What bull riding can teach you about being present
  • How to accept reality rather than deflect responsibility 


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Wylie McGraw is a former bull rider, baseball pitcher, and combat veteran. He now teaches peak performance.

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