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Is it possible to live a life without trash? Could you reduce your waste by 50%? 75% or More?

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, you'll meet the founder of the "Zero Waste" movement, Bea Johnson who claims she and her family lived for an entire year producing just 1 liter of waste. Nothing about modern life is sustainable, and while Bea's solution might be out-of-reach for most, it's something we can all learn and take inspiration from.
Listen & Learn:

  • Learn the 5R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
  • How to do more with less
  • Why buying better quality items that last longer is an environmentally responsible choice
  • Why just because something says it's recyclable (in theory) doesn't mean it can actually be recycled in reality
  • Getting started tips for "zero waste" beginners


In 2008, Bea Johnson and her family adopted a zero waste lifestyle; they since produce a mere liter of waste per year. With her blog and bestseller Zero Waste Home (translated in 13 languages), Bea launched a global movement and continues to inspire a growing community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste.

Her methodology is based on 5R's: “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, and only in that order”. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be stylish, but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings. She speaks at universities, corporate events and conferences all over the globe, including Google, Adobe, the European Parliament and the United Nations.

She has completed five international tours for a total of 150+ speeches in 20+ countries on 5 continents. She has appeared on TV shows and in publications everywhere, from The Today Show to BBC Breakfast. Passionate and optimistic, she has become a guru for many and is a spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle or, as the New York Times stated, "The Priestess of Waste-Free Living". She is a Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, and a French native who currently lives in Mill Valley, California.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • 8 plus 16 Meal Timing

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"The things you, own end up owning you..." – Tyler Durden (Fight Club). Often times the things we work so hard for end up taking more than the give, the bleed us more than they feed us. It might be the new car, the drawer full of electronics, your pets or even an oversized home; in many cases, our possessions become burdens and we need to take a step back and reevaluate our priorities.

On this week's, Yoga Talk Show, we'll dive deep into minimalism, the art of doing more with less, clearing the clutter, and living a life on purpose.
What You´ll Learn:

  • Why you might want to pack your stuff up as if moving, and then only unpack the stuff you actually need
  • Why our consumer-driven culture can lead to a life full of discontent
  • How less stuff can mean more time, more money, and more ability to contribute
  • How to digitally clean up your life as well


Ryan is the co-founder of The Minimalists website and podcast. He has a decade of experience mentoring, coaching, and training experience in the corporate world. After being laid off from a successful corporate job in 2010, Ryan got rid of most of his stuff and started living a more minimal life. His work has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and The Atlantic. He is the co-author of the books Minimalism and Everything that Remains, the documentary film, The Minimalism, and we're going to be talking about owning less stuff.

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Nutritional Tip:

  • Weight Loss

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Breathing has always been an integral part of yoga practices, but for many years, it was mostly forgotten or taught as an aside to asana practice. Just in the past few years, breathwork has come back into the mainstream bigger than ever before—and it's extreme. From Holotropic breathwork to The Wim Hof Method to free divers and hypoxic training, it seems like breathing has never been more popular, and yet more misunderstood with sometimes disastrous results.

On this week's show, you'll meet author and free diving hobbyist, Adam Skolnick who chronicled the life of one of America's most famous freedivers who tragically died in 2013.

What You´ll Learn:

  • Why people are dying in free diving
  • How Adam became a travel writer to support his passion and interests
  • How Adam learned to dive to 30 meters in just 4 days
  • Why social media sometimes presents a "false reality" of what's truly possible
  • 6 competitive disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea (mono-fin swimming for distance without breathing), dynamic no fin, constant weight (with fin), constant weight (no fin), free immersion


Adam Skolnick has written for the New York Times, Playboy, Outside,,,, Men’s Health, Wired, and Travel + Leisure, among others. He has visited 45 countries and authored or coauthored over 30 Lonely Planet guidebooks. ONE BREATH, his first narrative nonfiction book available now on

Links & Resources:

Nutritional Tip:

  • Bromelain

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Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall is a physiotherapist specializing in core work, pelvic floor, functional movement, and injury prevention and healing. A former division I athlete, Dr. Duvall has been working with athletes, moms, office works and everyone in-between to help them find balance and heal their bodies.

If you ask anyone who is into health and fitness, core strength is usually top on their list of priorities. But what is core strength, anyway? Is that six-pack abs? Does it mean you can do 300 crunches? On this week’s Yoga Talk Show, you’ll meet physiotherapist, Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, who will demystify core strength and help you understand many of the nagging conditions that result from a week and imbalanced core.


Listen & Learn:

  • Why head and chin position is foundational for proper posture which leads to core strength and stability
  • Why pelvic floor tone is a follower not a leader, meaning you need to sort out your movement patterns to best affect change
  • Why tight and weak are usually the enemy while flexible and strong are usually the treatment
  • Why we must have basic, functional fitness capacity such as the ability to do a push-up, pull-up, and squat
  • Why Kegals and Mula Bandha can be the wrong choice for some people

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Soy Sauce

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Kimberly Johnson is a yoga teacher trainer, Rolfer, women’s health care advocate, mother, and doula. Much of her most recent work focuses on postpartum care. She's the author of the soon-to-be released book, The Fourth Trimester: A New Mother's Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality.

Motherhood is more complex than ever with women attempting to juggle career, family, and their own health often without the support of family or community that has been so much a part of the human experience up until recent times. To make things more challenging, pop-health images of pregnant moms with their baby bumps dead-lifting huge weight or doing handstands on the beach only add to the pressures on moms to try to be everything.

On this week's Yoga Talk Show, Kimberly Johnson shares her personal and professional experience working with both expecting moms and new moms on their own health.
Listen & Learn:

  • Why WHO research suggests a 8-12% C-section rate to be appropriate while USA has 32% rate and countries like China and Brazil have rates as high as 80%
  • Why postpartum care is practically non-existent
  • How rest is the secret ingredient missing from pre- and post-partum care
  • How it came to be that non-mothers have become authorities on yoga for pregnancy
  • Simple self-care and mindset shifts for mums-to-be and moms today

Yoga Practice Tip of the Week:

  • How to: Box Splits

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We all want to live a life of adventure, purpose, and meaning - but that’s easier said than done. With each passing year, our lives get more full, more stressful, and in many cases, more complicated. How do you carve out a unique path for yourself and really discover your life’s purpose?

On this week’s, Yoga Talk Show, we explore the road less traveled and dissect the conventional in search of fulfillment. You’ll meet, Chris Guillebeau, world traveler, writer, and non-conformist extraordinaire who will inspire you to live “a remarkable life in a conventional world” and to enjoy the trip as you search for a better, more fulfilling life.

Chris Guillebeau is an entrepreneur, author, blogger and speaker. You might know him from The Art of Nonconformity blog and book. He organizes the annual World Domination Summit in Portland each year and his other inspiring books include The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and his newest book, Born For This.
What You’ll Learn:

  • How Chris traveled to 193 countries
  • How travel is for everyone (not just the wealthy)
  • Why the path of non-conformity is perhaps the best path
  • Me focus vs. service focus, which is better?

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Is Green Tea REALLY good for you?

Links & References from the Show:

Q&A from the show:

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Every year, millions of people resolve to lose 10lbs in the new year. They starve themselves for two weeks, join a new gym, lose a few pounds—but then gain it all back in February when their motivation wanes. On this week's Yoga Talk Show, we discuss how to make your goals a reality with counterintuitive methods that deliver results.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why to keep your goals a secret
  • Why writing is the doing part of thinking
  • Why you should draw pictures of your goals
  • How to create a New Year's mantra
  • Why you should rinse & repeat successes

 Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Sprouted breads: friend or foe?

 Links & References from the Show:

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When you’re trying to burn fat, get fit, increase your energy, improve your digestion and just plain feel better each day, it can be overwhelming with all the conflicting health information online. Do you start with organic food? Paleo? Raw vegan? Do you have to run marathons or is yoga a good solution? There’s just too many choices and too many opinions.

The truth is that there are as many paths to exceptional health as there are trees in the forest, so rather than argue about which path is best, let’s just focus on elephant in the room. Medical doctors, weight loss experts, yoga teachers, and weight lifters all agree that the single biggest trouble maker in our modern diet is excessive sugar in all its forms. It causes weight gain, diabetes, hormonal problems, premature again—and just about every other health problem you can think of. So if you want to get healthy, let’s start with the one change that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Together, let’s kick the sugar habit and start a positive spiral towards health.

FREE! Access Our 3-Part Video Series on Sugar Detox: FREE Sugar Detox Videos

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Just to mix things up a little at The Yoga Talk Show, this week, Lucas will lead you through a guided yoga breathing exercises called, Box Breathing. Box breathing is an easy-to-learn and highly effective practice that you’ll feel benefits from immediately.


Listen & Learn:

  • How to slow your heart rate

  • How to increase your heart rate variability

  • How to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system

  • How to encourage alpha brain wave states

  • How to reduce stress hormones and find stillness


And all this from a simple breathing practice!


References from the show:

  • Basic pranayama mudra (see hand position below)

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People use the term "eat clean" in different ways, but what does a healthy diet entail? One of the biggest challenges many people face is reducing their sugar intake. Sugar in all its forms, not just the refined white crystals, is so difficult to avoid, so addictive, and so harmful to our health. In this week’s episode, Lucas Rockwood and Tosca Reno talk about how to identify “food” that is harmful for you, how to pull yourself off of sugar and beat the cravings.

Tosca is the New York Times best-selling author of Your Best Body Now and the Eat-Clean Diet® series, and The Start Here Diet, selling more than two million copies globally. Tosca is the pioneer of the Eat-Clean Movement and one of North America’s most renowned health and wellness experts leading the pack in the battle against obesity.


Tosca is also a popular guest on numerous national television, radio and web programs, including Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Doctors, Steven and Chris, The Early Show on CBS, and Fox and Friends. She appears regularly as a Lifechanger on the entertainment news program Extra.


Her Gemini award-winning reality show Tosca: Flexing at 49, is now featured on Canada’s Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).


In this Show, You'll learn:


  • What it really means to “eat clean”

  • How you can quit sugar without the cravings

  • To what extent a fruit-only diet is healthy, especially if you have a sweet tooth

  • Which micro nutrients we should be sneaking into our diet


Links & References from the Show:



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Running and injuries go hand-in-hand, but it’s such a fundamental, functional movement practice - and so good for you - there must be a way to spend your “life on the run.” On this week’s Yoga Talk Show, Lucas interviews, Bart Yasso, about the benefits and physical challenges of a life spent running across the world (literally).


Yasso joined Runner's World in 1987 to develop the "Runner's World Race Sponsorship Program," creating a vehicle for Runner's World to work with over 7,000 races representing 4 million runners per year. Inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions.


Yasso also invented the Yasso 800s, a marathon-training schedule used by thousands around the world. He is one of the few people to have completed races on all seven continents from the Antarctica marathon to the Mt. Kilimanjaro marathon.


In 1987, Yasso won the U.S. National Biathlon Long Course Championship and won the Smoky Mountain Marathon in 1998. He has also completed the Ironman five times and the Badwater 146 through Death Valley.


He has also cycled, unsupported and by himself, across the country twice.

In this Show, You'll learn:

  • ✓The benefits and physical challenges of competitive running

  • ✓ What its like to dedicate your life on the road racing

  • ✓ Whether the minimal footwear and barefoot running movement makes sense

  • ✓ What foods you should be eating when doing a ultra-running event

Links & References from the Show:


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Esther Ekhart and her partner Bas started creating short, free Yoga videos for YouTube in 2008 while living in Ireland. The videos became very popular very quickly with over 20 million views and counting.

In 2012, Esther and Bas moved back to the Netherlands and began fulltime work on, a at-home practice site with extensive, full class and pose tutorials for student of all levels.

In this Show, You'll learn:

✓ How to get started with an at-home yoga practice.

✓ The most important environmental elements for a home yoga practice.

✓ The role yoga can play on the lives of older people.


Links & References from the Show

✓ Ekhart Yoga -


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Jen Kluczkowski is an 800-Hour Certified Jivamutki Yoga teacher, the co-founder and yoga director of Yoga Means Business, a new concept that brings yoga to the workplace. Her organization has been featured in Fast Company, Men's Fitness, The Huffington Post, and many more publications.

Their corporate clients include Facebook, L'Oreal, and the Gilt Groupe, and for anyone stuck in an office most of the day, we're going to talk about some ways to bring yoga to your life.  

In this Show, You'll learn:

The life experiences that lead to starting the business of taking yoga to the workplace.

How Yoga Means Business merges fitness with the work environment.

Why yoga is more accessible today than ever.

How a company’s staff integrates yoga into their daily routines.

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David Epstein is an investigative reporter who has won numerous awards including the Society of Professional Journalists 2010 Deadline Club Award, Time Inc.’s Henry R. Luce Award for public service, and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association’s “Big Hearted Journalism” award among others.

Epstein is currently best-known for his New York Times bestselling book, The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance, and we're going to be talking about human performance, and discussing nature versus nurture in athletics.

In this Show, You'll learn:

If people are really getting physically faster and athletically superior each year.

What makes athletes anatomically and genetically different?

If it’s hard work, genetics, or both when it comes to athletics?

How the research in genetics and performance is impacting out lives.

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Jenni Rawlings is a highly-experienced yoga teacher and the founder of the first dedicated yoga store in the U.S. called, Drishti in Santa Barbara. She's done extensive training with a particular emphasis on anatomy and biomechanics.

In this Show, You'll learn:

Whether or not you should aim to have your mula bandha engaged for your entire practice.

How to better instruct yoga students to engage their core.

What exercises can be complementary to a yoga practice. 

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Have you ever wondered why some people look and feel great on a plant-based diet long term while most people end up quitting? Trevor Justice has dedicated a large portion of his life promoting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and is the director of The Vegetarian Health Institute.

In this Show, You'll learn:

The truth about B12

1 simple trick for absorbing iron

Where to get Vit D in plant foods

The big problem with Omega-6 plant oils

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Roger Fredericks is golf instructor who's worked on flexibility with over 20,000 golfers and 60+ Tour Players, which include such Hall of Famers as Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus.

In this Show, You'll learn:

The #1 most neglected aspect of health & fitness.

How to identify poor posture in yourself and others.

A quick and easy flexibility test.

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Tina Leigh is wellness counselor, yoga teacher, therapeutic chef. Having contended with her own health challenges, she is deeply empathetic and resonates with others who are on their journey to whole body wellbeing. She is the author of 2 books, Balance Raw and Superfood Juices & Smoothies. 

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Erin is the creator of Shrink Session, a fitness program available in gyms across the country—and an at-home version is available on demand.

Erin is the featured trainer in the popular fitness app, PUMP ONE. She has created video workouts for SHAPE.COM and has appeared as a lifestyle and fitness expert for the Erin’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people in a fun, and entertaining way.

In this Show, You'll learn:

How to use positive affirmations with your fitness

Why self-talk combined with self-practice lead to big changes

How to keep your daily fitness routine mind-body focused

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Rubin Naiman, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in integrative sleep and dream medicine. He is director of Circadian Health Associates, an organization that provides information, goods and services in support of sleep health.

In this Show, You'll learn:

Why we physically and spiritually need sleep.

How to setup an appropriate sleep environment.

How and why sleep is important for your health.

The role of waking, dreaming and sleeping. 

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After horrible back injuries Diamond Dallas Page went from pro wrestler to passionate yoga teacher. Page’s mission it to make yoga available for the “regular guy” and his book, DVDs and education do just that.

In this Show, You'll learn:

How Dallas healed a major L4/L5 injury using yoga

How Dallas helped a disabled war vet regain his ability to walk 
(and run, and teach and practice yoga)

How Dallas’ “everyman” style is opening up yoga to “non-yoga” people all over the world

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Howard Jacobson, PhD, is an online marketing consultant, health educator, and ecological gardener from Durham, N.C. He earned a Masters of Public Health and Doctor of Health Studies degrees from Temple University, and a BA in History from Princeton.

Howard cofounded, an online marketing agency, and is a coauthor of Google AdWords For Dummies. His current life goal is to turn the world into a giant food forest. 


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Medical Doctor, Joel Kahn is a leading authority in heart disease prevention and reversal. He's the author of the soon-to-be released book called, The Holistic Heart Book. You may have also seen him on TV or read his Reader's Digest column.


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Sarah Fragoso, best-selling author of EVERY DAY PALEO, author of the Every Day Paleo Family Cookbook as well as Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine and the soon to be released Everyday Paleo Around the World: Thai Cuisine.

In this Show, You'll learn:

The importance of a paleo diet

About incorporating paleo into daily life

What to consider before going paleo

Yoga trapeze exercises for hips

Yoga for neck pain and strength


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Dr. Axe’s calling to natural health and medicine came when he was a child and saw his mother battle an illness. He has since founded the Exodus Health Center one of America’s largest wellness clinics as well as being the co-founder of BurstFit. Lucas also answer listener questions about yoga and flexibility. This week’s nutritional tip is all about MSG.


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Katrina struggles through her teenage years with her body, weight and self-image. She admits to dieting from very young and very unsuccessfully. Katrina delves into how she changed her life after a frightening situation in Australia. We also have lots of answers to your question ranging from how to do a behind the back arm reach and tips on proper headstand technique to whether or not yoga is appropriate for people with hip issues. The nutritional tip is regarding aspartame, an artificial sweetener, you won’t want to miss this episode.


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